Caterham, Whyteleafe & Godstone

Message from Fr. Sean

As a parish family, we owe a great debt to those who have come before us. Now it is our time. The faith we strengthen and pass on, is the legacy of our children. We have a real stake in seeing that the faith and love that started in 1879 by Canon Francis Roe and his Team, continues to grow and increase.

To this end, all of us as Catholics are called to a greater commitment and deeper participation in our community. Please read the following web pages which give a summary of the small portion of the work being done here and hopefully you will decide to join and increase your participation in the life of our parish. Many hands make light work.

At various times throughout the year, new parishioners are invited to a modest reception in the Old Hall, where they can personally meet with myself and some other parishioners of long standing as well as get acquainted with what the parish has to offer and how they might become more actively involved. All parishioners are encouraged to become actively involved in one or more parish organistations. I know we often hear the criticism that it’s “the same old few that seem to do everything”. This is often because none other than the same old few come forward to offer their time and talents. But once a new person comes forward, they are quickly put in touch with the organisation of their choice who are most welcoming to new faces and ideas. Have a word with me first if you are unsure what to do.

All families and individuals are encouraged to contribute to the upkeep of our parish and also to myself. I do not get a cheque every month from the Pope nor the Diocese! My salary is proportioned to what I receive from you on Christmas Day and Easter Day (on the plate) and I also get food and transport allowance. Many are generous to me at the celebrations of  their child’s Baptism and the celebration of their Marriage also. I give 6 months preparation time to this.

It should be the aim of every tax-paying parishioner to enter the Gift Aid scheme in the parish. Forms to join this are in the porch. You complete a declaration and we can reclaim the tax you’ve paid on your contributions to the weekly offerings and other collections. The Government sends this back to us, at no extra cost to you, and last year this amounted to over £13,000. Peter Kelly is the Gift Aid Organiser and will be more than willing to assist you with this. It is a matter of giving back to God through his holy church, a portion of what he so generously has given you.

Many thanks for reading this.

Sunday Mass times

9 am, 10.45 am and 5.15 pm